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Becky Summits Mount Shasta

After 6 months of training, 40 training hikes, 265 miles, 85,000′ of elevation gain, and completing over 100 OAT workouts, Becky’s efforts all paid off…

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Mount Shasta Training Guide

Are you planning to climb Mount Shasta but not sure where to start? Our “Training for Mount Shasta” PDF is designed to help you show…

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O.A.T. Community Meeting

You are invited to OAT’s Community Meeting! In this hour long collaborative discussion, we will be telling stories, sharing insights, and training tips from our…

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Island Peak Summit

After 7 hours of climbing, we take our final steps on the steep summit ridge of the 6189m (20,250’) Imja Tse at 9am. Breathing deeply…

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