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Ken Buckley
Ken Buckley
Mikey Bell and Outdoor Adventure Training are a byword in our family for fun exercises and a great ski season. We get so much more enjoyment out of the season due to the guided app and youtube videos. Mikey has a great teaching methodology and practice, delivered in a fun way. A big thanks to him and Outdoor Adventure Training.
Beth Lehman-Brooks
Beth Lehman-Brooks
I’ve been skiing my entire life but don’t have access to consistent mountain action. OAT got me mountain ready and I really enjoyed the balance and strength combination. Plus I was able to do my workouts almost anywhere. Anything I can do to keep it all working at 50+ I’ll take it!
Kiran Limaye
Kiran Limaye
Currently in the Powder Prep program and have never been more prepared for ski season. Workouts are well-designed and are especially helpful at avoiding winter doldrums this season when the snow has been slow to arrive.
Jason Janesky
Jason Janesky
I’ve been working with Mikey and OAT for about 6 months and would highly recommend the program to anyone interested in online training. I like trail running, climbing, surfing and wanted to get into alpine mountaineering. The main items I was looking for in a training program were full body strength, cardio, flexibility and mobility, agility, something that would show me the correct technique and something I didn’t have to think about. OAT checks all those boxes for me. Everyday there’s a 30-45 minute workout and a 15-20 minute mobility/flexibility/recovery program on a super easy to use app. The sets are all timed so really easy to just do and not think about. Mikey also offers a lot of variations and modifications to work with my strengths and weaknesses / past injuries. He’s super knowledgeable on anatomy and really worked with me on my particular needs and modified the program for them. I feel so much more balanced and overall strong. Also the flexibility and mobility / recovery has significantly improved my range of movement and agility. I never feel tired or overworked the next day. Every set also has a video showing the correct technique which I refer to multiple times over the months - definitely helpful. After 6 months, there’s still a ton of diversity in the workouts. There’s always new modifications, tools, techniques that keep it interesting for sure. The workouts also vary each day over the whole body so one part of the body can recover while you workout another. Never felt bored in the workouts after 6 months and feel there’s a ton more Mikey has if I ever do. In addition to the technical workouts, Mikey is super nice and helpful - a great trainer. We have zoom calls to go over specific progress and can DM through the app. He always follows up through the app after each workout with words of encouragement, advice, ask how you’re doing, see if anything can be better / modified. He’s great. Overall, OAT has been fantastic for my goals. I plan on doing some aggressive outdoor goals in 2024 and feel much more confident of success because of OAT. If you’re looking for something similar as I was, I’d highly recommend.
Erik Sol
Erik Sol
I am extremely grateful that these invaluable training programs exist. The OAT programs have helped me elevate my strength, agility, flexibility, and recovery. The easy to use app. platform makes accessing well thought out progressive workouts and recovery routines as easy as picking up my phone. The video demonstrations for every movement are so helpful in making sure I am getting the most out of the experience and staying injury free. It’s the best for my active lifestyle that has a dynamic schedule and causes me to travel, because I can fit the timed programs in when it makes sense for me. There is no doubt in my mind my recent month long expedition in Nepal was enhanced by my preparation through a well thought out OAT program. I am stoked more than ever for the upcoming ski season due to the Powder Prep Program as well. Big thanks to Mikey Bell and the OAT Team for creating such awesome Tools!
Michelle Zhang
Michelle Zhang
I'm super happy that I started training with OAT - Aside from customized training plans that fit your individual needs, I really like the instructional videos for every single exercise - I've never had a coach do this for me, and Mikey makes all his videos and caters them to how they'll improve your performance in the outdoors. He also highlights things to look out for in your form and what not to do - which I think is especially important if you don't have an actual trainer watching you do the exercise. I think what Mikey does exceptionally well is explain the importance of exercises and nutrition/sleep/overall self care. I've worked with many coaches who will tell you to XYZ or follow a program, but don't give you any context on how exactly this will help you reach your goals. Additionally, I know his exercises work because I've always been a quad dominant athlete and figured I'd never be able to engage my hamstrings or other muscles. After a few months with the OAT program, I've seen significant improvements in using all my leg muscles, which is just incredible! It means I get tired less easily because I'm actually optimizing my body's energy expenditure and that does wonders for my outdoor activities!
Emily Maddox
Emily Maddox
Kat Tilley
Kat Tilley
I’ve been doing the Basecamp Program for 7 months now. After 5 months I summited Mt. Shasta in 19 hours after some setbacks with our group that day and at the end of the day, my muscles still had more to give. Exercises in the program directly translate to the mountain and made the snow fields and the talus enjoyable and manageable respectively. After 6 months training, I ran my first marathon and then a half marathon a month later. Even though the training was for the mountains, it strengthened my legs for long distance running. The mobility work kept away injury and increased ankle and hip mobility. The program is easy to follow, with excellent video explanations of each move. Mikey is easy to connect with over the app and very encouraging of all of your goals.
Gary Sirek
Gary Sirek
I am a 52 year old dad that is overweight and significantly out of shape, but motivated to make change. I decided to go on a mountain climbing expedition (something that has been a lifelong dream and also a motivation to get in shape). To get prepared, I hired Mikey Bell, the owner of Outdoor Adventure Training, as my trainer and coach. First thing I noticed was the positive energy that radiates from Mikey. He always greets me with a smile and a positive view on everything. His program is so well organized and simple to follow that it wasnt intimidating like some fitness programs. His objective was to educate me on fitness, exercise, my body, and creating habits and routines. He made it simple and adapted the program to my lifestyle. He doesn’t just give you the one size fits all junk programs. He actually cares about me as a person and wants to see me succeed. Mikey keeps me accountable but I never feel judged. Progress is progress. I have lost over 20 lbs in less than 75 days, I am the strongest I have been in 20 years and I was able to achieve my climbing goal! I am looking forward to where I can go next thanks to Mikey Bell and OAT.
J. Ashly Winchester
J. Ashly Winchester
I started working with Outdoor Adventure Training a year ago and I couldn't be happier with how things are going! They helped me overcome some muscle imbalances and created a program to improve strength, endurance, and mobility. As a mountain runner and backpacking guide, this program has helped me tremendously! If you have dreams of doing any kind of outdoor adventuring, I would highly recommend Outdoor Adventure Training to get you adventure ready!

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