Powder Prep

Program Starts Monday October 2nd

90 Days for $108

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After signing up, you will be prompted to download the Trainerize ABC in the App Store or Google Play. Upon creating an account and logging in, you will then be granted access into OAT’s Powder Prep Program. Program begins on Monday October 2nd. Prices go up October 3rd.

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Program Flow



The first 4 weeks of training in the Powder Prep Program utilizes stabilization bodyweight routines to improve neuromuscular efficiency, correct muscle imbalances, and understand fundamental movement patterns.



The primary objective of Stabilization Phase is to develop Neuromuscular Efficiency - your nervous system’s ability to recruit specific muscle groups to contract and stabilize specific joints during functional movements. We never want to add strength to dysfunction, for that will further perpetuate potential movement imbalances. Ultimately, we want to develop optimal movement patterns to reduce risk of injury, optimize performance in the field, and set you up for rapid progression in later phases. We



Building upon the first training block, we focus heavily on developing muscular endurance, balance and agility as winter rapidly approaches. Workouts become longer and more challenging.


Strength & Agility

After establishing excellent biomechanics and neuromuscular pathways, we're ready to advance to the the Blue Runs! This Strength Endurance phase utilizes more circuit style training to develop muscular endurance and cardiovascular performance with a strong emphasis on agility and balance. Additionally, we employ more advanced mobility techniques like Active-Isolated Stretching and Active-Release Technique to dive deep into breaking up myofascial adhesions to improve range of motion. 



After 8 weeks of training, you're ready to shred the gnar! These are the most difficult workouts in the program focusing on developing muscular strength, cardiovascular endurance, and power to take your skiing to the next level.


Endurance & Power

We are finally ready to head to the gnarliest runs on the mountain! This final phase is undoubtably the most difficult of the program. With a primary focus on developing Rate of Force Production - your musculoskeletal system’s ability to quickly and powerfully fuel muscle contractions under various levels of stress. Despite this goal, we still draw on major components from both Stabilization and Strength Endurance Phases due to the intensive nature of the workouts. Similar to previous phases, Power Phase comes complete with continual progressive loading of cardiovascular and mobility training.

The Powder Prep Program relies on OAT’s science-based Training Pyramid, slowly progressing skiers through the Phases of Training; Stabilization, Strength Endurance, & Power. Although this program is not individualized, it is designed to meet the specific demands of downhill and uphill snow sports with guaranteed results. Each day, your remote training calendar will have a phase-specific workout, accompanied by a mobility routine. Each custom designed workout and mobility routine is loaded with in-depth tutorial videos ensuring the highest level of remote learning. As you progress through the program, the workouts will systematically become more challenging as we incorporate components from OAT’s 10 Pillars of Training

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced skier, The Powder Prep Program is designed to enhance your performance on the slopes while decreasing your risk of injury. Our easy-to-follow timer guided workouts on our remote training app allow for you to go at your own pace and provide remarkable structure and accountability.

Program Add-Ons

Further enable your success with OAT’s custom training programs

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1:1 Zoom Coaching

60 minute session to discuss training principles, nutrition, menu planning, lifestyle adaptation, active recovery, sleep, meditation, adventure preparation and so much more. Each session is followed up with a custom PDF reviewing topics covered in our meeting with additional resources and relevant links and is available on your member portal.

Nutritional Support

Nutrition plays an integral role in your body’s ability to recover from exercise, build muscular strength and endurance, alter body composition, support immune and endocrine system function, optimize cardiovascular performance, improve mental and emotional well-being, and contributes to disease prevention and mortality. Our support program provides a 7-14 day dietary analysis, Custom Macronutrient Evaluation with Daily caloric, carbohydrate, fat, and protein goals, and Custom Micronutrient Evaluation.

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Movement Assessment

Using our NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist expertise, we methodically perform a series of postural and movement assessments to identify altered length-tension relationships, muscle imbalances and dysfunctional movement patterns. Once we have identified potential dysfunctional within the kinetic chain, we then prescribe specific stability and mobility exercises to activate underactive muscle systems and relax overactive muscle systems. Our overarching goal of the Movement Assessment is for you to enjoy the freedom of pain free movement optimal performance!

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