Becky Summits Mount Shasta

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After 6 months of training, 40 training hikes, 265 miles, 85,000′ of elevation gain, and completing over 100 OAT workouts, Becky’s efforts all paid off on July 2nd when she reached the 14,179′ summit of Mount Shasta!

Becky had been hiking and backpacking for about 15 years but wanted to take on a big challenge to kick off her 40s. Miraculously, Becky happened to stumble upon an OAT flyer at a small coffee shop in Issaquah, Washington. She booked a free consultation, and started training with OAT in January of 2023.

We kicked off Becky’s Summit Program with OAT’s Orientation Phase which includes a Movement Assessment and in-depth Macronutrient and Micronutrient Evaluations. These detail oriented assessments provide a framework on which to build a custom program to meet the athlete where they are at and methodically get them to where they want to go.

With her goal of tagging her first 14er, we focused heavily on building up her aerobic fitness, uphill endurance, core stability, and mobility. Moving through OAT’s phases of training, we slowly progressed to more challenging weekend hikes to simulate the demands of climbing Mount Shasta. During week, Becky worked through OAT’s structured workouts to develop neuromuscular efficiency, core strength, and posterior chain muscular endurnace.

We could not be more proud of all the work Becky put in to maximize her chances of success. Before the climb, I reminded Becky of how far she had come, and whether she made it to the summit or not was irrelevant as she had already accomplished so much along her fitness journey.

Watch Becky’s post-summit interview to hear how OAT helped her reach the top of Mount Shasta!

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