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Strength & Stability Master Class

Welcome to the Outdoor Strength & Stability Master Class for Outdoor Athletes, your comprehensive guide to building a strong foundation for all your outdoor adventures. This course is designed to help outdoor endurance athletes like you train with intention, structure, and confidence, preparing you for your next big adventure.

The Importance of Strength Training for Outdoor Athletes

In the realm of outdoor endurance sports, aerobic cardiovascular training forms the backbone of your fitness regimen. However, integrating regular strength training into your routine can lead to significant improvements in crucial areas, including:

  • VO2Max Enhancement: Boosting your body’s ability to utilize oxygen efficiently.
  • Speed and Endurance: Increasing your stamina and pace over long distances.
  • Aerobic Capacity: Expanding your overall endurance and performance levels.
  • Muscle Fiber Recruitment: Enhancing the efficiency of muscle activation and utilization.
  • Injury Prevention: Strengthening your body to reduce the risk of injuries during high-intensity activities.

With compelling evidence supporting these benefits, it’s clear that endurance athletes are wise to incorporate strength training into their training calendars. This course will guide you through the essential phases of strength training, specifically tailored for outdoor endurance athletes.

What to Expect in This Course

This master class is structured around OAT’s Key Pillars of Training, ensuring a well-rounded approach to strength development. Here’s an overview of what you can expect:

  1. Assessment:
    • Understand the importance of fitness assessments and learn how to conduct simple, effective evaluations like plank holds, push-ups, pull-ups, wall sits, and cardio assessments.
  2. Stabilization:
    • Discover the foundational phase of strength training, focusing on neuromuscular efficiency and balance through stabilization exercises.
  3. Strength Endurance:
    • Build your muscular endurance to sustain prolonged physical activity, crucial for activities like hiking, backpacking, and skiing.
  4. Power:
    • Develop explosive strength to enhance performance in high-intensity, short-duration activities.
  5. Additional Training Protocols:
    • Explore specialized training techniques such as Plyometrics and Balance, and understand their role in enhancing overall performance.

By the end of this course, you will have a solid understanding of how to structure your strength training program, tailored specifically for outdoor endurance activities. You’ll also receive a downloadable 12-week training plan to help you apply these principles effectively.