Guided Trips

Guided Trips

Wilderness Skill Development

Plant-Based Nutrition Coaching

Group Fitness Training

Trip Summary

OAT is excited to announce that in Summer of 2024, we will be launching our first guided backpacking trips! Our 4 day backpacking trips and will meet in beautiful mountain town of Ashland, Oregon and venture deep into the remote wilderness areas of Northern California’s Klamath Mountains. To aid in your success, we provide comprehensive pre-trip programming including customized fitness training, nutrition coaching, and virtual gear checks and more. Led by expert guides, our trips include hands-on skills training, delicious plant-based meals, and insights into the area’s plants and wildlife.

OAT Backpacking Trips

4-Day Trip
$ 1999
  • Priority Registration Discount
  • Pre-Trip Fitness Training
  • Pre-Trip Nutrition Coaching
  • Pre-Trip Zoom Check-ins
  • Wilderness Skill Development
  • Plant-Based Backcountry Cooking

Adventure Ready

Step into your once-in-a-lifetime adventure in peak condition! Our thorough pre-trip package ensures you're fully prepared, featuring personalized nutrition coaching, tailored fitness training, and supportive Zoom check-ins. Get ready to take on the trails with confidence.


Get in Shape

Tailored training programs delivered via our mobile app ensure you're perfectly prepared for your trip's challenges.

Fitness Training

Prepare to meet the unique demands of each adventure with our custom-designed training programs. Delivered through our innovative mobile app, you'll train alongside your trip team, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose. Regular Zoom check-ins provide ongoing support, feedback, and motivation, ensuring you're on track. The journey culminates in a trip that serves as a final assessment of your fitness, offering a harmonious blend of challenge and relaxation in the wilderness, truly testing your preparedness in the great outdoors.


Improve Your Diet

Receive comprehensive nutritional coaching, promoting a plant-based diet for optimal health and endurance.

Nutrition Coaching

Dial in your approach to optimal nutrition with our in-depth advice, tailored to boost your energy and performance. Ahead of your adventure, we'll guide you through the principles of good nutrition via Zoom, integrating seamlessly with our app for easy tracking. While adopting a plant-based diet is encouraged for its myriad benefits, it's not mandatory. Experience the power of plant-based eating with our exclusively vegan meals in the backcountry, highlighting the culmination of your dietary journey and enhancing your connection with nature.


Learn New Skills

Gain essential wilderness skills through pre-trip guidance and hands-on learning in the backcountry.

Backcountry Skills

Before setting foot on the trail, you'll access comprehensive gear lists and recommendations, ensuring you're well-equipped for the journey ahead. Our virtual gear checks and discussions demystify backcountry preparation, focusing on the 'whys' behind each item. Once on the trip, you'll dive deep into wilderness navigation, risk mitigation, backcountry cooking, and Leave No Trace principles. Alongside these, discover invaluable hacks and tips for a safe, enjoyable adventure, enhancing your skill set and confidence in the outdoors.

Trip Features

Expert Guides

Expert Guides

Spend time learning from and adventuring with OAT’s expert guides, who bring unparalleled knowledge and passion to every trip.

Plant-Based Backcountry Cooking

Plant-Based Cooking

Our guides prepare high-quality, organic vegan meals in pristine backcountry settings, making each dining experience a highlight of the trip.

Hands On Skills

Hands-On Skills

Our trips offer hands-on skills training in navigation, risk management, Leave No Trace principles, and more, empowering you with essential wilderness skills.

Remote Wilderness

Remote Wilderness

Venture into some of the most diverse and remote wilderness areas in the lower 48, offering unparalleled opportunities for adventure and exploration.

Small Group Workouts

Small Groups

With a maximum of 8 guests and guide-to-guest ratio of 4:1, our trips ensure an ideal learning environment, fostering deeper connections and personalized guidance.


Enjoy hassle-free transportation in our 15-passenger van from Ashland, Oregon, to the trailhead and back, ensuring a smooth start and end to your adventure.

Priority Registration

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More Details

General Itinerary

General Itinerary

Note: Please be aware that our itineraries are flexible and may vary based on the specific trip, weather conditions, and group ability. Rest assured, every adventure is meticulously planned with your safety and experience in mind. All of our trips explore the breathtaking landscapes of the Siskiyou, Marble Mountain, or Trinity Alps Wilderness.

Day 0 – Pre-Trip Orientation in Ashland, OR Meet in the vibrant town of Ashland for a comprehensive gear check to ensure everyone is fully prepared. The evening will include a group dinner at a local restaurant, offering a chance to bond with fellow adventurers and discuss the journey ahead.

Day 1 – Journey to the Wilderness Morning departure from Ashland to our trailhead. The day’s hike leads us to our first camp, nestled in the heart of the wilderness. This initial trek is designed to acclimate you to the trail and the beauty of our surroundings.

Day 2 – Deeper into the Wild Our adventure continues as we hike to a new campsite or a serene lake, with the route offering stunning vistas and opportunities for wildlife sightings. The day’s trek is tailored to combine scenic beauty with a touch of challenge.

Day 3 – Layover, Exploration, and Relaxation A day dedicated to rest and exploration. Opt for a leisurely hike, swim in a mountain lake, or simply relax and soak in the natural splendor. This layover day is a perfect balance to the physical activity of hiking days.

Day 4 – Return to Civilization We break camp and hike out to the trailhead, carrying with us the memories and accomplishments of our journey. A scenic drive brings us back to Ashland, where we part ways until our next adventure.

Who This Trip is For

Beginner Backpackers: If you’re new to backpacking or have never slept under the stars, this trip is for you. Designed for first-timers, our goal is to equip you with the essential skills for thriving in the backcountry. From setting up camp to navigating trails, we’ll cover everything you need to start your backcountry journey with confidence.

Intermediate Explorers: For those with some backpacking experience under their belt, looking to deepen their wilderness skills and explore new terrains, our intermediate trips offer the perfect challenge. Moderately demanding, these adventures include a “layover” day—giving you time to relax, explore, and fully immerse in the stunning surroundings.

Advanced Adventurers: Considering taking it up a notch? Our advanced fastpacking trip might be just what you’re seeking. Tailored for experienced backpackers who thrive on high-intensity challenges, this trip focuses on covering significant distances and elevation with a “fast and light” approach. Prepare to push your limits and experience the wilderness like never before.

Whether you’re starting your backcountry journey, looking to advance your skills, or ready to test your limits, we have a trip tailored for you.

What We Provide

Upon booking your trip with OAT, we’ll send you a comprehensive gear list detailing everything you’ll need to pack. To ensure your journey is as smooth and enjoyable as possible, we provide a range of essential group equipment and services. Here’s what you can expect us to bring along for the adventure:

  • Group Cooking Gear: High-quality cooking gear for preparing meals together in the great outdoors.

  • Meals: Nutritious and delicious breakfasts and dinners each day while in the field, crafted to fuel your adventures.

  • Bear Canisters/Bear Hang Kits: All necessary equipment to safely store food away from wildlife, protecting both you and the environment.

  • Group First Aid Kit: A well-stocked first aid kit for any medical needs that may arise, ensuring peace of mind for all participants.

  • Stoves and Fuel: Reliable stoves and ample fuel for cooking group meals, no matter where our trek takes us.

  • Tents: High-quality tents provided for the group, offering comfort and protection against the elements.

  • Water Filter: To ensure access to clean drinking water throughout the trip, we supply water filters for group use.

Our goal is to make your packing process as easy as possible by providing these key items, allowing you to focus on personal gear and the excitement of the upcoming adventure.

Environmental Commitment

At OAT, we’re deeply committed to preserving the natural beauty and integrity of the wilderness areas we explore. Our adventures are designed with the utmost respect for the environment, ensuring that we leave no trace behind. Here’s how we put our commitment into action:

  • Sustainable Practices: From minimizing campsite impact to adopting zero-waste principles, we implement sustainable practices throughout our trips. We strive to reduce our environmental footprint, encouraging participants to embrace eco-friendly habits.

  • Plant-Based Nutrition: We believe in the power of plant-based eating for both health and environmental benefits. Our backcountry cuisine features high-quality, organic vegan meals, reducing our carbon footprint and promoting animal welfare.

  • Wilderness Education: Educating our participants is a cornerstone of our approach. We provide hands-on training in Leave No Trace principles, wilderness conservation, and the ecological significance of the areas we visit.

  • Supporting Local Conservation: OAT actively supports local conservation efforts within the Klamath, Marble Mountain, and Trinity Alps Wilderness areas. We’re committed to protecting these landscapes for future generations to enjoy.

  • Continuous Improvement: Our Environmental Impact Plan is a living document, evolving as we learn and grow. We’re always seeking new ways to enhance our environmental stewardship and reduce our impact on the planet.

Joining an OAT adventure means becoming part of a community dedicated to making a positive difference in the world—one step, one trail, one campsite at a time.

Risk Management

At OAT, your safety is our top priority. We’ve established comprehensive risk management practices to ensure all participants enjoy a secure and rewarding outdoor experience. Our strategies include:

  • Qualified Guides: Every trip is led by guides certified in Wilderness First Aid, ensuring a quick, informed response to any health or safety concerns. Additionally, all excursions are personally overseen by OAT owner, Mikey Bell, bringing his extensive wilderness expertise to each adventure.

  • Pre-Trip Preparations: Our pre-trip programming includes fitness training, nutrition advice, and gear checks to ensure you’re fully prepared for the challenges ahead.

  • Safety Protocols: We adhere to strict safety protocols, including detailed route planning, emergency response plans, and regular communication with local authorities to monitor conditions.

  • Small Group Focus: By maintaining small groups, we ensure personalized attention to each participant’s needs and capabilities, enhancing overall group safety.

  • Continuous Training: Our guides undergo regular training updates in first aid, risk management, and wilderness survival skills, keeping them sharp and ready to lead safely.

Our Risk Management Plan is designed to minimize risks while maximizing enjoyment of the wilderness, allowing you to embark on your adventure with confidence.

Have Questions?

Embarking on a new adventure with us is a significant step, and we recognize the dedication it requires. Before you sign up for one of our trips, we invite you to connect with us for a consultation. This is a chance for us to understand your aspirations and address any queries you have, ensuring you embark on this journey with clarity and confidence. Reach out today to start planning your adventure.