Mountain mobility

Meticulously crafted for outdoor athletes of all disciplines, this periodized program is designed to progressively enhance your range of motion, accelerate recovery times, and significantly reduce the risk of injury. Our expertly guided approach ensures a balanced and comprehensive development of your mobility, preparing you to tackle any outdoor adventure with greater ease and confidence in your body.

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Program Features

  • Training App

    - 24/7 Access to your training program
    - 300 custom mobility techniques
    - Mobility & Flexibility rationale and philosophy videos
    - Daily Foam Rolling and Stretching Routines
    - Garmin, Apple Watch, MyFitnessPal and Withings integration

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    - OAT Athlete Community Forum
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    - In-app messaging with your trainer

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Join our Mountain Mobility Program with a 7-Day Free Trial and flexible payment options for every adventurer. Choose from a monthly subscription at just $27, or opt for a 90-day access with a one-time payment of $70 (15% savings). Once registered, you’ll gain access to your OAT Athlete Portal, with additional resources relevant to your program. Don’t forget to check your email for instructions to download the ABC Trainerize App from the App Store or Google Play. After setting up your account, complete our Digital Waiver and Consultation Form to start your mobility journey!

Program Flow


Intro to Mobility

Grab your foam roller and let's get started! The first 4 weeks of this program is dedicated to understanding and applying fundamental mobility techniques.

Intro to Mobility

The first 4 weeks of Mountain Mobility focuses on understanding and applying foundational mobility techniques such as self-myofascial release and dynamic and static stretching. You will practice basic foam rolling techniques to ease muscle tightness, accompanied by gentle dynamic and static stretching to enhance flexibility. This phase is designed to acclimate the body to mobility work and lay the groundwork for more advanced techniques.


Intermediate Mobility

Grab your foam roller and let's get started! The first 4 weeks of this program is dedicated to understanding and applying fundamental mobility techniques.

Intermediate Mobility

Building on the Intro Phase, this stage introduces more complex foam rolling and trigger point release techniques. These longer routines require more tools such as massage balls and bands to optimize your movement patterns. Active Release Technique (ART) is integrated to target specific muscles and improve tissue quality. Dynamic stretching becomes more challenging, preparing the body for higher levels of activity and flexibility.


Advanced Mobility

As you progress into the final phase of Mountain Mobility, you're body will be ready for more in-depth routines that will take your range of motion to a new level!

Advanced Mobility

The final phase of Mountain Mobility consolidates the skills developed in the previous phases and aims to equip you with the skills to stay mobile on your own. Advanced foam rolling and trigger point techniques are used alongside more intensive dynamic and static stretching. This phase aims to maximize range of motion, reduce injury risk, and enhance recovery, equipping participants with the mobility needed for demanding outdoor activities. These routines are are generally longer and require some degree of discipline!

Program Requirements


Here is a detailed list of equipment required for the Mountain Mobility Program:


To see any lasting mobility results, you must put in the time! We understand there is life outside of training and you certainly do NOT need to be perfect to be successful. If you hit these goals at least 4-5 days out of the week, you will see amazing results! Below are estimated daily averages of time requirements for each phase of the program:


Phase 1: 20-35 minutes

Phase 2: 30-45 minutes

Phase 3: 40-60+ minutes

Additional Recommendations

Prior to starting any training program, it’s essential to consult with your healthcare provider to ensure it’s suitable for your unique health needs. Beginning a new exercise regimen carries inherent risks, so it’s important to progress gradually and thoughtfully. Additionally, consider factors like your current fitness level, any pre-existing injuries or conditions, nutritional requirements, and hydration needs. A well-rounded approach, including adequate rest and recovery time, will help you maximize your results safely and effectively. Remember, your journey towards fitness should be tailored to your individual health and wellness goals.


The weekly calendar view provides a clear, organized overview of your program, enhancing accountability by allowing both you and your trainer to track progress and stay committed to your goals. This feature fosters client success by enabling timely adjustments to workouts and ensuring consistent engagement.

Our in-app guided timer is a fantastic tool for keeping you on track during every routine workouts. This adds an extra layer of accountability by ensuring movements are performed for the correct duration. This feature not only optimizes workout effectiveness but also empowers you to adhere closely to your training schedule, enhancing overall program success.

Our programs boast a vast library of over 700 custom-recorded videos, each created with a personal touch. These videos provide detailed explanations on how each movement is intricately linked to enhancing your outdoor activities. This extensive resource ensures that you not only perform exercises correctly but also understand their direct impact on your outdoor pursuits, elevating your training experience.

Have Questions?

We understand that starting a training program is a commitment you’re making, and we want to ensure that you get the most out of your experience with us. Ahead of registering for one of our programs, we’re available for a consultation where we can learn more about you and answer any questions you might have.