Our Mission

Supporting Outdoor Athletes in Achieving the Summit of Their Dreams

Empathy & Compassion

Every athlete comes from different backgrounds with different ability levels and as such, we meet every athlete exactly where they are without judgment. There is life outside of training, and we will always modify your program to accommodate any life circumstance.

Unwavering Support

Progress is never linear. There will be setbacks. Training will be difficult at times. Our programs, one-on-one meetings, and uplifting community will help you work through any challenge that may arise. Through thick and thin, we are by your side 100% of the way. We will never give up on you!


Nothing comes from nothing. It is our duty to hold you accountable to ensure you are on track to meet your goals. Our coaches, community, and high-level individualization creates an atmosphere where athletes are motivated and excited to put the work in.

Remarkable Results

We want all of our athletes to experience objective changes in their physical ability to feel incredible on big outdoor objectives. More importantly, we expect to see monumental subjective results in their lifestyle, health, and overall sense of well-being.


Reflected in our periodized programs and plant-based nutritional coaching, we strive to be sustainable in everything we do. Not only do we want our athletes to pursue outdoor adventures for the rest of their lives, but we want to make sure those wild places are preserved for generations to come.

Mental & Emotional Summits

Transcending your perceived limitations and truly achieving what you never thought possible is what we are all about. Geographical summits will always be there, they are simply the cherry on top!


Our diverse community of athletes is what makes OAT so special. Not only will trainers be there for you along your fitness journey, but the opportunity to collaborate and connect with dozens of other athletes in our programs creates a culture that will motivate and inspire you.