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Design Your Personal Workout Space

It is a process

Building out your perfect home gym can be an intimidating undertaking and it certainly does not happen overnight! It can take months or even years to acquire all the equipment you want and need to maximize your time training from home. 

For those wanting the convenience and sustainability of working out from home, this page serves as a guide of what items you may want to add to your kit. Below is a comprehensive list of equipment linked to an option to purchase. Of course, there are so many options out there, and if you can find a cheaper, similar option, we certainly encourage you to do so.


As always, drop us a line and we are happy to discuss any gear and equipment questions you may have!

Foam Roller

This is NOT an option… you NEED a foam roller! Foam rollers come in a variety of lengths and densities and can be a bit overwhelming to choose from. We recommend starting with a lower density roller, and slowly working your way up to higher density as your body begins to adapt. Stay away from excessively knobby foam rollers like the dark blue one pictured to the left, they are generally not necessary. Even a cheap, high density roller like this one can be a great a place to start!

Yoga mat

Your mat will become a sacred space for you to become strong and mobile. Nothing special here, any simple yoga mat will do the trick! We encourage you to go to the store and pick your favorite graphics, thickness, and texture to make sure you LOVE your mat!

Lacrosse Ball

That’s right, a simple, high-density, rubber ball! A very effective tool for trigger point therapy to unlock those deep nasty knots. Sure, you could purchase a fancy massage ball, but this cheap option is truly all you’ll need. We also recommend a tennis ball, golf ball, and softball to work with in various application. Get a few, because you may lose it!

Yoga Blocks

Still can’t reach the floor, no worries! Yoga Blocks will help bridge the gap. Nothing too complicated here, a cheap foam block will be more than adequate. In some circumstances, you can also use your foam roller, a couch pillow or a blanket!

Step or box

The Box or Step is an important tool to train for any outdoor adventure. For those who do not have access to regular elevation gain, the box allows for one to train similar muscle groups that are utilized during uphill and downhill travel in the mountains. Here few things to consider when selecting a box or step; available space, budget, and style that will suit you best. From the top down, the foam box is an OAT favorite and used in all of our training videos. The foam box is light, easy to move, modular in height, and mitigates the risk of bloody shins during plyometric exercises. One con of the foam box is that it adds a level of instability on the less stable surface, although we actually look at that as a pro! The wooden box is another great option that is very durable, although they can be heavier and run the risk of potential injury during plyometric exercises. Most wood boxes allow for easy transitions between various heights. The free-standing metal step is a gym classic, providing great stability, lightweight construction, and less floor space. Some downsides, they do not allow for adjustment of height and can leave their mark on your shin if you don’t quite make the jump! That being said, we encourage you to go to your local sporting good store and test out all options before purchase.

Bosu Ball

An OAT Favorite! The BOSU a must have for any outdoor athlete looking to improve balance, ankle stability, core strength, and muscular endurance. There are dozens and dozens of exercises we can execute on the BOSU ball to take your overall fitness to new heights. If there is one piece of equipment to invest in, this is it!

TRX Suspension trainer

The TRX Suspension Trainer is an incredibly versatile tool that provides a host of challenging and fun exercises that will improve your balance, endurance, and core strength. You can mount your TRX directly to a stud in your ceiling, off of a squat rack or pull up bar, or purchase a door mount that allows for easy setup and take down. The TRX is lightweight and packable making it a great option for anyone traveling often. There certainly are many knock off versions of the TRX that can allow you to achieve similar results. 

Stability ball

Stability Ball, Exercise Ball, Yoga Ball, Chi Ball… whatever you want to call it, this tool is AWESOME! We use the term “Stability Ball”, but perhaps it would be better called the “Instability Ball”, is it creates a very demanding and unstable environment. Not only can this tool be used in your workouts, but replace your office chair with a stability ball to strengthen your core and develop strong posture!

Size Chart

4’7″ – 5’0″ =  45cm

5’1″ – 5’6″ = 55cm

5’7″ – 6’1″ = 65cm

6’2″ – 6-8″ = 75cm

> 6’8″ = 85cm


An OAT Classic! There is a reason why we added the kettlebell to our logo, it is a remarkable tool to add resistance to just about any exercise. When compared to the dumbbell, there’s really not a tremendous difference, but the kettlebell may add a level of instability due to its asymmetrical shape and altered center of gravity. 


Dumbbells are an excellent way to add resistance to just about any exercise. While we don’t have a specific product to recommend, we encourage you to find used gear! Weights generally don’t go bad!

Have Questions?

We understand that starting a training program is a commitment you’re making, and we want to ensure that you get the most out of your experience with us. Ahead of registering for one of our programs, we’re available for a consultation where we can learn more about you and answer any questions you might have.