Train for adventure

Remote Training

Remote training allows athletes to complete their workouts from anywhere in the world and on their own schedule. Accessed via our mobile app, each exercise and mobility technique is complimented by an in-depth custom recorded tutorial video to ensure the highest level of remote learning.

Adventure Prep

Preparing for adventures can be intimidating! We support our athletes in planning training hikes, building itineraries, developing healthy backcountry menu plans and sharing GPS tracks and maps to provide the tools and resources necessary to facilitate successful outdoor pursuits.


As an athlete in our program, you have the ability to communicate and collaborate with the greater OAT Community via your Member Portal. This allows athletes to share stories, get beta on various adventures, and make new friends who are passionate about the outdoors!

The O.A.T Approach


Scientifically Proven Methods

Our programs follow a systematic, periodized method to ensure optimal performance adaptations while reducing risk of chronic and acute injury.


Practical Expertise

Over 10 years of personal training and adventure guiding experience, we know what it takes to be successful on demanding expeditions in challenging mountain environments.


Accountability & Support

Our remote training platform provides the unique opportunity to communicate with our athletes and closely monitor progress and ensure you are on track to reach your goals.

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Our Client's Success

Outdoor Adventure Training has been such an amazing program. For the past few years I have been struggling with overall health and wellness and I noticed a big decrease in my mobility and movement.  I met with Mikey who took the time to really assess my mobility as well as my adventure goals The holistic approach to health, movement, feeding my body what it needs, and general badass adventures has helped me beyond measure both physically and mentally and I am grateful…


"Since training with Mikey and Outdoor Adventure Training, my overall strength and agility has improved tremendously! I feel stronger and faster doing my favorite outdoor activities like hiking, backpacking, and beach volleyball."

Jessica B.

“Through training sessions, Mikey has helped me better understand the reasons behind some of my nagging sports injuries and has targeted exercises to help improve mobility, stability, and strength.  He meets you where you are without judgment, really listens to your goals, and works with you to meet those goals.  I have found the progression of workouts to be great, and I can do them on my own time- but can always reach Mikey for questions or advice.  I feel better prepared for a long winter season of skiing, and I will no doubt be able to climb more vert and be more resilient to overuse injuries. 

Caleb M.

Athlete Adventures

Our outdoor athlete’s reach their summits all over the world following training programs curated by O.A.T. Each marker on the map below represents a summit that was reached by one of our athletes.

we are Outdoor Adventure Training

Our goal is to help you reach your goal! Regardless of your outdoor experience or fitness level, we meet you where you’re at to design your perfect training routine. Our proprietary OAT Training Pyramid and 10 Pillars of Training creates the framework to build easy-to-follow and effective training programs that fit your lifestyle and optimize performance for your favorite outdoor adventures.