O.A.T. Founder

Mikey Bell


My name is Mikey Bell, owner and lead trainer at Outdoor Adventure Training.

With over a decade of experience as a Certified Personal Trainer, I have been blessed with the opportunity to intimately explore the fitness industry and witness its ever-changing nature. I have worked with hundreds of clients, all genders, all ages, all races, and all with unique backgrounds and goals. 

The fitness industry is riddled with so much misinformation about what it means to be healthy. Through diligent research and hands-on experience, I always present my clients with the most sustainable and effective solutions to live the most fulfilling and healthy life possible. 

Inspired By

My Health Journey

In 2016, I received such a sign that would change my life forever. I regained consciousness to a  half-dozen first responders huddled around me; I had just experienced a Grand Mal Seizure. As a healthy and fit 23-year-old, neurologists and doctors were puzzled by the cause of such an unusual event. With no known cause of the seizure, I was officially diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy. Although this caused much pain and uncertainty for friends and family, this experience ultimately shaped who I am today and served as a catalyst for a positive lifestyle change and new perspective on life; one full of love, joy, gratitude, and fearless pursuit of my dreams.

With my health stabilized, I went on to pursue a Masters Degree in Outdoor Adventure & Expedition Leadership at Southern Oregon University. Here I learned invaluable skills such as group facilitation, risk management, trip planning, and what it takes to be a confident and humble leader in remote, wilderness environments. This ultimately led me to becoming a Mountain Guide with Shasta Mountain Guides, guiding summit climbs and skills seminars on the magical 14,179’ volcano in Northern California. I cherish every awe-inspiring trip I lead, meeting incredible people, sharing knowledge and skills, and continuously growing as a guide, trainer, and human.

Why I Started O.A.T

In my 5 seasons of Mountain Guiding, I have been the unfortunate witness to hundreds of over-confident climbers falling short of their dream to reach the summit. More often than not, inadequate physical preparation was the cause of their demise. These “failures” truly troubled me and I wanted to provide these novice climbers with a way to overcome their struggles, realize their full potential, and reach the summit of their dreams!

In 2021, I took a quantum leap to create Outdoor Adventure Training. My goal is to bridge the gap between physical fitness and outdoor adventure. Outdoor Athletes require very specific training to be successful in the mountains and our programs provide just what they need to enjoy their pursuits to the fullest. Nothing fills my cup more than witnessing our athletes transcend their limits and accomplish the goal they have been relentlessly training for. I am forever grateful to all of my clients, friends, and family for their support and love over the years.

My Certifications

Certified Personal Trainer – National Academy of Sports Medicine
Masters of Outdoor Adventure & Expedition Leadership – Southern Oregon University
Professional Mountain Guide – Shasta Mountain Guide
Certified Plant-Based Sports Nutrition Coach – National Academy of Sports Medicine
Corrective Exercise Specialist – National Academy of Sports Medicine
Certified TRX Instructor – TRX
Associates Degree in Health Sciences – Diablo Valley College
Wilderness First Responder
AIARE Avalanche Level II 

Notable Summits

As an experienced outdoor athlete, I have reached the summit of notable mountains worldwide.

Mount Shasta – 4321m – California – 41 Summits

Island Peak – 6189m – Nepal

Mount Rainier – 4392m – Tallest Peak in Washington

Mount Hood – 3428m – Tallest Peak in Oregon

Mount Kilimanjaro – 5895m – Tallest Peak in Africa

Mount Karisimbi – 3312m – Tallest Peak in Rwanda

Triglav – 2,863m – Tallest Peak in Slovenia

Veliki Maglić – 2388m – Tallest Peak in Bosnia & Herzegovina

Vaganski vrh 1,757m – Largest Mountain in Croatia

Mount Shuksan – 2783m – Washington

Mount McLoughlin 2831m – Oregon – 38 Summits

Mount Thielsen – 2799m – Oregon

Lassen Peak – 3187m – California